Fire Suppression

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"Courage to Act - Ability to Perform"


The Burbank Fire Department (BFD) is a full-spectrum agency protecting the people who live, work and play in the "Media Capital of the World."

The BFD's uniformed fire personnel protect life, property and the environment through their direct involvement in fire prevention, firefighting, emergency medical care, technical rescue, hazardous materials mitigation, disaster response, public education and community service. An equally committed non-sworn cadre of professional support personnel provide technical and administrative expertise in their corresponding pursuit of the Department's mission.

A total of 36 firefighters are always on duty at BFD facilities citywide, including 6 neighborhood fire stations strategically located throughout the Department's 17.16 square-mile jurisdiction.

The Verdugo Fire Communications Center Annual Report provides a breakdown of Burbank incidents by month and category, as well as a fiscal year history.